More than anAgency.
Clique Media
(a division of Clique Group)
More than anAgency.

Clique Media is a results-driven advertising agency which focuses on growing brands through day 1 profitable campaigns.

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Leverage capitalism to create a visible difference in their community.

Clique works with medium-large sized companies, positioned to sell over $1MM/month in dozens of different industries and are based around the world (New Zealand, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States). Our process is unmatched in its efficiency and timeliness and will never be a roadblock in your companies success.

Unlike other "comparable" companies, we devote our effort to providing consistent, predictable revenue, having maintained an average week to week revenue fluctuation of less than 10% across all of our partners.

Recognizing that there is rarely a "one size fits all approach" to business, our billing structure and setup will always be catered to meet the needs of both parties. Specifically though, you will never feel that you've over paid as we will design a structure that rewards us primarily on our own success'.

We will never over promise, and will provide you with projections based on real data. We are competent in all aspects of digital advertising from product pricing to social media management and therefore we can (and should) be your only marketing expense.

Will we be the ticket to your company's success?

The answer will always depend on whether you have a good product that can be sold profitably (long term or short). If it is good, we're going to be the company that will bring that to light.

Dallas Chelick, CEO

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Dec. 04 - Dec. 05

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Dallas Chelick

Dallas Chelick

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Ryan Whittaker

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We're in it for the long haul with you. We provide reliability and stability for your marketing growth plan.

We believe that integrity, a sense for continuity and trusting relationships are essential factors in creating lasting success. We concentrate on establishing strong partnerships with our clients by providing reliable and strategic customer growth.

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